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Bare Metal SIG meetup 2023Q1

New year - new Bare Metal SIG meetings! Starting with 2023, we're switching to a quarterly cadence, while making the meetings longer, more entertaining and opening the floor for more active engagement…

By Dmitry Tantsur on 21/12/2022

Bare Metal SIG - Introduction to Bifrost

Bifrost allows to install Ironic in standalone mode (without other OpenStack components) and is also often chosen as a starting point to get familiar Ironic, or even for Ironic development. Core…

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 19/07/2021

Checkout Case for Ironic in Cern IT

Ironic contributor Arne Wiebalck writes in a recent blog update on the about why they use Ironic and how it helps them support their users and ultimately their mission.

By Pixie Boots on 30/04/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Secure RBAC

Ironic contributor Julia Kreger gives us an overview of Secure RBAC, a Wallaby cycle community effort, in Ironic.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 20/04/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Ironic Prometheus Exporter

Ironic contributor Iury Gregory Melo Ferreira introduces us to the Ironic Prometheus Exporter, a utility to help expose Bare Metal node sensor data to Prometheus.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 20/04/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Deploy Steps Introduction

Ironic contributor Dmitry Tantsur introduces us to the Deploy Steps, a mechanism to have customized deployments processes.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 10/02/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Redfish Interop profiles

Ironic contributor Richard Pioso shares about the effort to create Inter Operability profiles for Redfish.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 02/02/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Ironic/Neutron ML2 interaction overview

Ironic contributor Julia Kreger shares an overview of the interaction between Ironic and Neutron with ML2 plugins.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 02/02/2021

Bare Metal SIG - Multi-Tenant Ironic

Ironic contributor Tzu-Mainn Chen shares an overview of the mutli-tenancy model supported in Ironic.

By OpenStack Bare Metal SIG on 02/02/2021

SuperUser - Scaling Bare Metal Provisioning with Nova and Ironic

Arne Wiebalck and Belmiro Moreira with CERN and Sunny Cai with the Open Infrastucture Foundation recently posted a an article on SuperUser titled . In this post, they talk about their experiences…

By Pixie Boots on 11/01/2021

Checkout Ironic 2020

Ironic contributor Dmitry Tantsur has taken some time to share with us his recollection of the most important events from . Check it out!

By Pixie Boots on 01/01/2021

StackHPC shares about Software RAID

In a blog post we recently found, the awesome folks at StackHPC have written about . Special thanks goes to Stig Telfer and Doug Szumski!

By Pixie Boots on 18/05/2020