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What is after BIOS?

Every six months or so, the Ironic project community meets to discuss current and new topics of interest. We call this the . This time serves as a time for many projects to gather and have the…

By Julia Kreger on 04/04/2022

The scale of usage

The Scale of (Ironic) Usage About once a year, often in the beginning of the year, I receive a question to which I cannot really answer. Truthfully, it often comes from several avenues, and different…

By Julia Kreger on 05/01/2022

Ironic 18.2

Xena Release On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021, the Ironic team released its OpenStack Project "Xena" cycle deliverable for Ironic as version 18.2.0. For those who are not aware of how OpenStack…

By Julia Kreger on 24/09/2021

Performance Update

What a Journey When I started out on a journey of trying to improve the performance of ironic a few months ago, the journey ended up taking a bit of a different path from what I expected. But I can…

By Julia Kreger on 05/08/2021

The search for performance

All the context I recently began on a journey to discover performance issues in Ironic. In part, because I made changes to improve operational security capabilites to users which we knew would have…

By Julia Kreger on 05/05/2021